Mayor’s greeting

Dear residents and guests.

 I greet you to the hospitable and attractiv tourist center in Armenia, in Tsakhkadzor.

 Our town is beautiful in all seasons with its rich nature. On one hand great value of historical and cultural monuments and on the other hand miracle of nature make Tsakhkadzor a place to rest and walk for every tourist.

 Our city as any breathe organ continuous process of development. Here  hotels and recreation zones are consantly improved and adapted to the needs of visitors and residents. The policy of balanced development which was adopted by our government directly helps to different cites of Armenian Respublic including Tsakhkadzor to its development and apprecietion.

 In my pre-election speech, I have promised that I will support the development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as cultural tourism business formation in the city. Therefore, Tsakhkadzor's municipality as a community establishment support any investment program, which will be directed to the improvement and development of city.

 Hospitable Tsakhkadzor welcomes all tourists and expressed confidence that all the guests have become alien.

 Welcome  to Tsakhkadzor.

Artur Harutyunyan
Mayor of Tsakhkadzor

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