The fresh mountain air stimulates a furious appetite. Numerous cafes, bars and respectable restaurants, located in Tsakhkadzor, will offer you a wide choice of delicious courses of national and European cuisine.

Menu includes all culinary trends, necessary for the modern liver to feel gastronomical accomplishment – the best Armenian courses, Carpaccio, all variations of Caesar’s salad, rack of lamb, Greek salad and other must-haves. A glass of Armenian brandy or wine will perfectly crown the greatly spent day. And no dress-codes there!


restaurant-bar "ALVA"

- Kecharis

- Bourmounk

- National

- Arka

- Jupiter

- Hacatun

- Jazzve

- Bistro and tea house;

Here you can taste traditional Armenian hors d'oeuvres and snacks, as well as enjoy Armenian cognac and wine.

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